Macmillan Environmental Limited is run by Paul Bromley an environmental consultant with over 15 years experience in the sector. Paul has a track record in working with the public, private and academic sectors with excellent links in all three.

Specializing in industrial ecology and waste management, Paul has run programmes in the north west and Yorkshire and Humber regions, helping companies move materials up the waste hierarchy. This has kept materials out of landfill sites and created value by using them as a raw material in another industrial process. Paul loves working with companies on their sustainability agendas. He can help the senior management of a company identify how it wants to position itself with it’s customers and supply chain. He will then work with a company to agree meaningful targets to improve and track its performance. Paul has a detailed knowledge of regional and national funding streams to support such activity. Paul particularly specialises in waste and carbon management.
"Paul Bromley worked for 6 years delivering the National Industrial Symbiosis Programme on behalf of International Synergies Limited. For 5 years he acted as Regional Manager for the North West before going on to head up delivery in the Yorkshire and Humber region. Paul consistently managed to ensure he and his team reached and exceeded challenging targets set by government relating to carbon and landfill reductions as well as wider targets around jobs saved jobs created etc.  He formed excellent relationships with material solution providers and companies that had material under optimisation issues. He showed a strong technical understanding of the issues relating to resource use and obviously enjoyed enormously working in the field of Industrial Symbiosis.

His ability to work with/lead a team and achieve high quality outputs is excellent.  He has been a wonderful colleague (and friend) for many years and would be an asset to any organisation.  Apart from his technical skills mentioned above Paul is able to communicate effectively at the highest level."
Peter Laybourn Chief Executive

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